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After the breakdown of a relationship involving children (whether a marriage, de facto or same sex relationship) it will be necessary to consider the appropriate arrangements for the ongoing care of the children.

With appropriate advice, it is often possible for parents to reach their own agreement on these issues, which involve decisions as to where a child will primarily live (known as residence) and the time they spend with the parent they do not live with (known as contact). Agreement can also be reached regarding specific issues, such as education and medical matters.

Where parents are unable to agree on the arrangements for their children, court proceedings may become necessary. In either case, it is the obligation of the parties and the Court to consider the best interests of the children.

Kelly & McHale Family Lawyers have extensive experience in this delicate area of the family law. Whilst at all times the parties are encouraged to resolve their own issues regarding children this is sometimes not possible and we can assist in litigation that may become necessary.

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